Book of Memories for Glenn "Tom" Heady Recent updates for the Book of Memories Frontrunner Professional Book of Memories V4 en-gb Condolence From Bob Grant & Family Condolences Sat, 08 Jul 2017 13:14:47 EDT Condolence From JAMES F. DELEHANTY Condolences Sat, 08 Jul 2017 13:08:45 EDT Condolence From Joe and Evie Fulton Condolences Sat, 08 Jul 2017 12:05:47 EDT Condolence From Janine Dhalla Condolences Sat, 08 Jul 2017 01:15:53 EDT Story shared: One of a kind My father in law was one of a kind.  He treated me and my son as if we were his own flesh and blood.  He was the absolute BEST father in law anyone could ever ask for.  He was kind, generous, caring and giving.  He always thought of others, kept every single nut and bolt he ever found and loved to share stories.  He was a weath of information and usually won the yearly family Christmas Trivia game.  He loved his family more than life itself and we loved him just as much. He will be dearly missed!!

As for memories, there are many and all are good memories.  

Once we were camping with them.  Tom took my son Tommy and his friend out to go pick up charcoal.  About 1/2 hour later he came back, no charcoal, but a BBQ grill that seemed to have JUMPED out in font of his truck.  Of course he had to rescue it!  Needless to say, he got sent back out for charcoal.

He and his friend Kenny started a camp wide water fight.  Armed with their super soakers and 2 5 gallon buckets of water, they set out on Tom's golf cart for any unsuspecting person who might be walking.  Yes, they randomly squirted people with water, that started a camp wide water fight.  

He always had "things" to show me.  Once he brought down an item from his collection of WW2 things.  He plopped this mid-evil medal item infront of me and asked, guess what this is.  I said "I don't know, I'm ot sure I want to know and I don't like the looks of it".  He said, just guess.  Ok, a saw??  He said close, they used to use that to amputate limbs in the war in the field.  Of course, I asked if it was used, because I had just touched it!  YUCK!

I could go on forever.  He was full of life and lived his life the way he wanted surrounded by his family.

I love you Dad and will miss you terribly!!  Until we meet again <3



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